GHAI supports civil society organizations (CSOs) to secure social and political will for equitable and sustainable financing for immunization and primary health care; work towards increasing immunization coverage and reducing the number of children who do not receive any vaccines (zero-dose children); and ensuring efficient use and allocation of domestic resources and international donor funds for primary health care and immunization service delivery.

Our Activities

GHAI draws upon our budget advocacy framework and successes in increasing domestic financing for preventing epidemics to supports CSOs in these countries to:

  • Engage political decision-makers about the need for sustainable financing for immunization and primary health care.
  • Build government, civil society and media capacity to advocate for domestic health financing.
  • Demonstrate demand for investments in immunization and primary health care to increase immunization coverage and reduce the number of zero-dose children through media coverage and public discourse.
  • Develop political strategies to remove bottlenecks affecting the allocation and spending of immunization and primary health care funds.
  • Track budget writing, allocation and spending to inform advocacy.

Where we work:

Nigeria, Ghana, Madagascar, Bangladesh and Pakistan

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Expected Outcome/Our Impact

  • Increased domestic resources mobilized for primary health care and immunization.
  • More efficient use of domestic and donor funds to reach zero-dose children to increase immunization coverage.
  • Improve transparency and accountability for domestic and donor resources allocated to the immunization program.
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Program Resources

Immunization Program Profile

Funding for this program provided by the Gavi Alliance.

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