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Our Team

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The Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) is home to a diverse, global team of policy advocacy, legal, research, public health, communications, media and grantmaking professionals.

Our team represents the best in global advocacy, with leading experts in communications, legal, research and capacity-strengthening experts working together to design and execute high-impact, winning health policy advocacy campaigns.  Each member of our multi-disciplinary team brings their own experience, expertise and voice to our work changing policies and increasing investments budget to save lives. 

Using a multi-disciplinary, in-country and expert-led approach, we’ve stood up against powerful industries and overwhelming political opposition. And despite the odds, we’ve won. Our values – manifested by our team around the world – are drawn from this history, our commitment to public health and our unwavering belief in the power of policy change.

Our Leadership

Vandana Shah

Vice President, Health Systems Strengthening

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Our Team

1-12 of 104 people

Adeolu Adebiyi

Regional Senior Advisor for the FPP Advocacy Fund in Africa

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