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January 29, 2020

Program Profile: Prevent Epidemics

Prevent Epidemics is one of our newest programs. In Nigeria and Senegal, we are building support for investments in epidemic preparedness as part of the Resolve to Save Lives initiative.

This is an urgent issue. Why? A severe pandemic could kill 80 million people, and nearly 5 billion live in countries which haven’t yet finished assessing their preparedness for pandemics, much less made adequate preparations.

What are we doing? We work with local partners to:

  • Create and demonstrate demand for epidemic preparedness funding.
  • Educate and engage political decision makers about the importance of epidemic preparedness funding.
  • Develop political strategies to address bottlenecks affecting the allocation and spending of epidemic preparedness funds.

So far, this approach has led to increased public funding in both countries where we work.

For more information, read our full program profile, and view all our programs in this interactive map.