Kano State, one of the most populous states in Nigeria, officially launched the Kano State Action Plan for Health Security (KSAPHS) at an event on February 20, 2023. The launch of the KSAPHS is a significant step towards enhancing the health security of Kano State and Nigeria as a whole. The plan provides a roadmap for strengthening the core capacities required to prevent, detect and respond to public health threats and emergencies. The KSAPHS emphasizes the need for a multi-sectoral approach, involving not only the health sector, but also other sectors such as agriculture and environment.

From right: Dr Aminu Ibrahim Tsanyawa (Commissioner for Health, Kano State), assisted by Dr Halima Mijinyawa (Executive Secretary - Kano State Contributory Health Management Agency), officially launch and disseminate the KSAPHS

The KSAPHS outlines priority actions to be taken in fourteen technical areas: Legislation and Policy, Financing, Zoonotic Disease, Food Safety, Immunization, Safer Health Facilities, Surveillance and Reporting, Laboratory System, Multi-sectoral Coordination and Health Security Governance, Human Resources, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Response Operations, Medical Counter measures and Personal Deployment and Risk Communication. The KSAPHS is estimated to cost approximately NGN 1.232 billion (USD $2,679,920.32) to implement all planned activities between 2022-2026.

The implementation of the KSAPHS will require sustained political commitment, resources and collaboration among numerous stakeholders, including health professionals, communities and development partners in Kano to improve public health emergency preparedness and response, strengthen surveillance and early warning systems, increase laboratory capacity, risk communication, and community engagement and improve capacity for monitoring and evaluation.

The KSAPHS is the first of its kind in the country, and it is expected to serve as a model for other states in Nigeria that likewise hope to strengthen their state’s health security core capacities. The launch of the KSAPHS is a timely reminder of the importance of investing in public health and building resilient health systems to prevent and control public health threats and emergencies.

The KSAPHS was developed in collaboration with the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the World Health Organization, Africa Centre for Disease Control, FCDO-Lafiya Project, the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) and our partner in Nigeria, the Legislative Initiative for Sustainable Development (LISDEL), and our global partner, Resolve to Save Lives, and other key stakeholders.

Additionally, the Kano State government, under the leadership of the Executive Governor of the State, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR), granted approval for an Executive Standing Order authorizing the monthly release of NGN 3 million (USD $6,525.78) to the Kano State Ministry of Health from the Kano State Health Trust Fund (KHETFUND) for epidemic preparedness and response. The monthly transfers, advocated for by LISDEL and GHAI, began in January 2023 and provide an excellent example of Kano’s commitment to providing reliable and sustainable financing to implement the KSAPHS.

Cross section of stakeholders during KSAPHS official launching at Tahir Guess palace, Kano.

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