We help our partners maximize their impact through the power of policy change. Expanding from our roots in tobacco control, we’ve brought our advocacy expertise to a variety of public health policies aimed at making the world a safer, healthier place. We know what it takes to plan and implement a successful advocacy campaign. Below are just a few examples where we’ve worked with partners on the ground to enact meaningful change.

Epidemic Preparedness and Response Financing Increased in Nigeria’s Kano State

Kano State improved its ability to prevent, detect and respond to disease outbreaks by establishing a budget line for epidemic preparedness and response (EPR) after civil society organizations (CSOs) made the case for increased and sustained funding.


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Expanding Access to Hypertension Care in India: Advocacy for Health Budgets and System Strengthening

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, from January 2020 through June 2021, health and wellness centers in Punjab, India, trained over 2,600 health workers and provided more than 5.2 million consultations with patients, including 2.5 million consultations on diabetes and hypertension.


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Sustaining Drowning Prevention Programs in Vietnam

In Vietnam, a groundbreaking partnership between the national government and international partners is on track to reduce the national drowning burden by 20%. By securing dedicated funding streams and pursuing innovative partnerships, two high-burden provinces have provided a blueprint for sustaining their drowning prevention programs.



Trans Fat Elimination in the Philippines

The Philippines mandated the elimination of industrially produced trans fat from its food supply – a policy supported by local civil society advocates working in partnership with the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI).



Protecting Heart Health in Brazil

Brazil approved strict limits on trans fat in food following strategic advocacy led by local civil society organizations supported by the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI).


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Epidemic Preparedness in Nigeria: Making the Case for Increased Federal, State and Local Investments

Nigeria doubled funding for its Center for Disease Control over two years, and Kano state added a new budget line for epidemic preparedness, following strategic advocacy led by local civil society organizations supported by the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI).



Protecting Heart Health in India

India is in the midst of a public health crisis fueled by an influx of ultra-processed foods and rise of lifestyle diseases. The country approved strict limits on a particularly harmful food component, trans fat, following strategic advocacy by a coalition of partners support by the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI).



A Victory for Public Health Information Campaigns in Colombia

In 2017, Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled that civil society organizations have the right to share public health information, and consumers have the right to see it. This public health victory followed a legal campaign by civil society against food and beverage industry efforts to influence the media and government to keep the information hidden.


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Epidemic Preparedness in Senegal

Senegal has improved its ability to prevent, find and stop disease outbreaks. With support from the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI), Senegalese civil society advocates successfully made the case for domestic investments in epidemic preparedness and a funding proposal developed in collaboration with government leaders.


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Maternal and Reproductive Health in Tanzania

A Maternal and Reproductive Health Program initiated by Bloomberg Philanthropies and H&B Agerup helped prevent the deaths of 2,200 mothers in the Kigoma region, one of the riskiest places in the country for women to give birth. The Global Health Advocacy Incubator supported local partners to formally integrate the program into the public health system.



Reducing Sugary Drink Consumption in South Africa

Along with a host of local and global partners, we are tackling obesity-related diseases like heart attacks and strokes by reducing sugary drink consumption. Find out how a new tax in South Africa provides a promising policy solution to a growing public health problem.


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Buckle Up Kids to Save Lives in the Philippines

According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children. See how we worked with local partners in the Philippines to enact a mandatory child restraint law to keep kids safe and secure in cars.


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