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March 19, 2024

CSOs in Ghana Gather in Support of Immunization Financing

In Ghana, there are 8,800 children who never receive a routine vaccination. This phenomenon, called zero-dose, threatens herd immunity and increases the risks of disease outbreaks. Ghana has emerged as a regional leader in introducing the new malaria vaccine and moving towards sustainable financing for their national immunization program, but there is still progress to be made to reach the most vulnerable communities.

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On March 7, the Global Health Advocacy Incubator partner, Hope for Future Generations, convened civil society organizations (CSO), academia, journalists and community leaders in Accra for a CSO Roundtable Discussion on Immunization Financing. Recognizing a common goal–vaccine sovereignty for Ghana–the national coalition met to reaffirm their commitment to raising awareness of immunization financing as an urgent matter.

In the first nine months of the project, Hope for Future Generations and their allies have already made great strides towards sustainable domestic financing of immunization and primary health care. The efforts of these advocates contributed to the Government of Ghana meeting its Gavi co-financing obligation in 2023 and have kept the country on track to meet the 2024 obligation in a timely manner.

The formation of a national coalition for immunization financing brings together a diverse set of stakeholders to continue advocating for increased immunization resources. Harnessing the power of their collective voice and expertise, the coalition hopes to influence policy decision-makers to prioritize the sustainability of Ghana’s immunization financing and continue closing the gap in immunization access and reach the last mile of zero-dose children in Ghana.