Over the past eight years, the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) has helped civil society organizations achieve 44 health policy victories covering three billion people across the globe. These victories help save lives by getting laws pass and regulations issued on important issues, including:

  • A tax on sugary beverages in South Africa
  • Improved drug supply, telemedicine and budget increases to increase access to hypertension treatment in India
  • Front of package warning labels on unhealthy food and drinks in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay
  • Child car restraints, e-bike helmets and/or speed limit reductions in Ecuador, China, India, Russia and Thailand
  • Budgets dedicated to epidemic preparedness in Nigeria and Senegal
  • Trans fat reduction measures in India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Philippines and Turkey
  • Improving the process for reporting and certifying cause of death in the Philippines
  • Government ownership of a maternal and reproductive health program in Tanzania
  • Child drowning prevention program interventions in Vietnam

Please take a look at our new video which shows our scope of victories around the world.

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