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Countering Industry Interference

Industry Watch Resources

Our industry alerts, policy briefs, and reports help organizations stay up-to-date on the ultra-processed food and beverage industry.

Industry Alerts

August 2023

The ultra-processed product industry fights aggressively to protect its profits by blocking positive public-health measures like taxes. This alert helps equip civil society organizations with strategies to anticipate industry behavior and protect tax policies from vested interests.

June 2022

The ultra-processed food and beverage product industry uses advertising, promotion and sponsorship tactics to harmfully attract children. This alert provides a deep dive into predatory commercial practices used around the world—and how civil society organizations can identify them in advocating for healthier and safer food policies and regulations.

August 2022

Ultra-processed product marketing seeks to generate consumer engagement using compelling appeals through oftentimes aggressive, or deceptive tactics. Ultimately, this influences our food behavior and dietary practices. This alert provides an overview of marketing practices that generally promote brand loyalty via subtle modes and messages so that companies make sure consumers’ perception is positive and advantageous to their businesses.

August 2021

There’s been a growing trend to implement mandatory front-of-package labeling (FOPL) regulations on ultra-processed products (UPPs) in many countries. But despite these efforts, Industry still interferes. This alert equips healthy food policy advocates with information on the latest food industry tactics to undermine and lack of healthy food policies around the world. It also creates key recommendations for advocates on how to mitigate these efforts.

June 2021

The “industry narratives” refers to the set of messages, arguments, discourses and actions that impact perceptions of the food and beverage industry. This alert provides civil society organizations with a better understanding of what industry narratives look like, so advocates are better equipped.

April 2021

In countries where front-of-package labeling policy is being formulated, industry is attempting to weaken the policy by proposing less restrictive policies and systems. This alert sheds some light on the tactics industry is employing to undermine healthy food policies so advocates can anticipate these actions.

Policy Briefs

Industry deploys a wide range of tactics, practices and arguments to weaken or prevent progress in healthy food policies all around the world. This policy brief explores the most common industry interference tactics and actions by the food and beverage industry.


Ultra-processed product marketers saturate the marketplace with junk food products through tactics that are aggressive and insidious. This report shows how this marketing threatens public health by decreasing state action to regulate food environments.

Front-of-package labeling (FOPL) regulations represent a key public health measure to promote healthier food environments. However, the ultra-processed product industry has recently shifted to weakening FOPL standards and requirements. This report provides recommendations for advocates and civil society organizations who are confronting the ultra-processed product industry’s misleading practices.

During the initial onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, ultra-processed product companies capitalized on the opportunity to promote their foods to especially vulnerable populations around the world. This report reveals how the lack of healthy food regulations worldwide enabled industry to influence policy and put disadvantaged people at great risk.