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May 31, 2024

Provincial Efforts to Prevent Children from Drowning in Quang Tri Province

As recommended by the World Health Organization, one of the key solutions to prevent drowning is teaching school-aged children water safety education. The Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI), in partnership with Golden West Humanitarian Foundation (Swim for Life Program) and Quang Tri’s Department of Education and Training (DOET), is equipping primary students with these important skills in the four highest-burden districts in Vietnam, Trieu Phong, Cam Lo, Vinh Linh and Huong Hoa in Quang Tri provinces before the summer, when more drownings occur. The goal is to equip 1,340 children with survival swimming skills through 67 classes.

In May, we trained 39 teachers and school activities coordinators on water safety. These teachers have already taught 928 children from three schools in the Trieu Phong district. All children actively participated in practicing their skills, doing group work by drawings and showing examples of how to save themselves when they get into trouble in the water. Children also showcased their knowledge and ideas on drowning prevention to other children. 

Group work on drowning prevention - Children practice using proper life jackets
2 children presented the result of the discussion

The program has also taught teachers to provide orientation to 240 parents of children aged 8-12, explaining why survival swimming skills are important to their children and requiring them to ensure their child’s participation and commitment to attend all classes. 

By this summer, 11 swimming pools will be in place in Vinh Linh, Cam Lo, Trieu Phong and the Huong Hoa districts and 39 swim teachers will teach lessons for 1,340 children. This summer is expected to be full of joy, fun and skills equipped to support the children of Quang Tri province and create healthier, safer communities.