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April 21, 2020

GHAI Launches Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund

Healthy food policy advocates in Brazil

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator is pleased to invite concept note submissions for the new Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund.

About the Advocacy Fund

The Advocacy Fund will provide critical support to help promising legislative or regulatory efforts on healthy food policy priorities cross the finish line. These policy priority areas include: taxes on sugary beverages and/or ultra processed food, front-of-package nutrition labeling, restrictions on marketing of unhealthy food and beverages, and healthy public sector food environments, including schools. In rare cases, proposals outside of these priority areas will be considered if they describe an innovative or novel approach to healthy food policy and are based on best available evidence.

A major priority of the Advocacy Fund is expanding the evidence base for healthy food policies, so proposals with strong potential to contribute to this base will be prioritized. The Advocacy Fund may also be used to block bad policies that would set negative precedents and undermine positive policy efforts.

The Advocacy Fund is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.