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Our approach to advocacy begins with our local partners.  We assess and strengthen their advocacy capacity and provide ongoing technical assistance.

Because we work across health issues in diverse political systems, we’re often asked how we’ve been able to deliver health policy wins in such different countries.  The short answer is that our proven, systematic approach is always led and customized by the local partners, to achieve the change they want to see.

For more details about our approach, read on.

Assess: Our path to policy change begins with evidence and an understanding of the policy environment. We identify, assess, and build the capacity of local partners, and work with them to develop policy objectives based on best practices.

Example: Program Scoping: A How-To Guide

Plan: Our assessment of the legal, policy, and media landscapes identifies the policies that must be changed, as well as the necessary decision makers and the ways to reach them.  We work with partners to build a comprehensive and detailed strategic advocacy plan based on this information.

Example: GHAI Equips Partners with Tools at Legal Workshop

Execute: We provide ongoing strategic and technical support to our partners as they execute the key elements of the campaign.  We monitor continuously and revise strategies accordingly.

Example: Sustaining a life-saving maternal health program in Tanzania

Implement Policy: Once policies are changed, we advocate for strong implementation, enforcement, and institutionalization; monitor progress; and support public health budgets.

Example: From Passage to Implementation: Lessons Learned from the Child Restraint Bill in the Philippines

Download a handout about the Global Health Advocacy Incubator

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator’s country coordinators gather for a retreat in September 2019