GHAI helped to prevent maternal mortality and expand reproductive health access by working with implementing partners on the ground to advocate for the provision and budgeting of these services by the national government.

Our Work

GHAI provided local partners with hands-on support and technical assistance as they secured government support and funding to keep a vital program operational after the departure of international donors. We also helped doctors and nurses become effective advocates who could identify and persuade key policymakers to support long-term funding.

Where we work:


MRH Tanzania Birth Companion

Our Impact

Thanks to advocacy supported by the Global Health Advocacy Incubator, a foundation was laid for this lifesaving program's sustainability, through:

  • An additional 369 health workers
  • Increased local budgets for maternal and reproductive health
  • Commitment from the government of Tanzania to continue the program
  • Formal handover of the project to the government
MRH outcomes

Success Story: From international donors to government ownership

The challenge:

An international partnership to support maternal and reproductive health in Tanzania’s Kigoma Region had saved more than 1,000 mothers’ lives and improved delivery conditions for 70,000 babies, but international funding was coming to an end, and there was no locally-led sustainability solution in place.

GHAI’s role:

GHAI helped the partners develop a strategic plan to ensure a commitment for sustained resources from the national government. The campaign ranged from political mapping to providing evidence for local governments’ health budget requests, along with direct advocacy to build champions and educate policymakers.

The Result:

In 2019, the government signed a transition document to ensure that an increased number of skilled health professionals will be placed in Kigoma, that health workers trained under the program will remain in place and that annual budget planning for health facilities will be supported to ensure adequate funds for life-saving services.

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Program Resources

Case Study: Maternal and Reproductive Health Program Handover in Tanzania (English PDF, Spanish PDF)

Funding for this program provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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