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Mike Palma

Phillippines Coordinator

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  • Data for Health


  • Philippines

Mike Palma is the in-country coordinator for the Data for Health program in the Philippines. Mike has devoted more than 10 years in development work having been engaged in projects for the United Nations, the World Bank, JICA and the European Union. He has also been actively promoting the cause of health and nutrition of children, trade and development, housing for informal settlers, education and environment to name a few. He has authored a pioneering research commissioned under the program of the Review of the President’s Budget, which involved the analysis of the utilization of the health budget. Mike earned his doctoral degree at the University of the Philippines, and a master’s degree in policy analysis at the Graduate School of Policy Science in Japan. He is currently affiliated with the Faculty of the Asian Center at the University of the Philippines. A Fellow of Salzburg Global, a major international health convention, his contributions in the health development and policy realm also highlighted some of his achievements.