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March 8, 2021

Rotary Foundation supports EWT, GHAI and WHR to prevent violence against women in Nepal

Every Woman Treaty (EWT), Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) and Women for Human Rights (WHR) are pleased to announce a new project to support women’s rights leaders in Nepal to build a nationwide coalition that will raise awareness about and advance measures, including government policies that prevent and redress violence against women.

Improving women’s security and furthering gender equity will help Nepal consolidate the gains of the 2006 peace process and ensure that fundamental human rights are protected.

Globally, the United Nations has reported a 25 percent rise in domestic violence cases associated with lockdowns—as the UN Secretary-General put it, a “horrifying global surge.”

The project is hosted by the Rotary Club of Kathmandu. Funding was provided by the Rotary Foundation through the Rotary Club of Newberg.

“We are proud to support this critical project,” Vandana Shah, director of South Asia Programs, GHAI, said. “Violence against women is a human rights violation with huge public health impact. In keeping with GHAI’s focus of catalyzing a sustainable movement of passionate advocates to address critical health/human rights problems, we look forward to supporting civil society organizations in Nepal advance policies that contribute to equity and prevention of violence.”

Through training and technical assistance, GHAI will help women’s rights organizations assess and strengthen their capacity to change policies and promote norms and practices to end gender-based violence. The project will focus on skills and activities including setting policy objectives, political mapping, engaging policymakers, messaging, media advocacy, partnership coordination and monitoring and evaluation.

“This project will support frontline women’s rights advocates already doing the work to end violence against women and girls in Nepal. The skills the advocates will gain — leadership, public speaking, community organizing, storytelling — will ensure advocates steer the national conversation on ending violence against women. We are encouraged by the courage and momentum building towards universal recognition that women and girls have the right to live a life free from violence,” said Judge Najla Ayoubi, Chief Operations Officer of Every Woman Treaty.

“The culture of violence has enveloped our entire society and yet the delivery of justice in the cases reported is delayed. Therefore, the training through this project is very relevant to obtain the skill to safeguard and protect the women and girls within and outside home with zero tolerance to gender based violence,” said Lily Thapa, Founder of Women for Human Rights in Nepal.

About Every Woman Treaty

Every Woman Treaty is a coalition of more than 1,700 women’s rights activists, including 840 organizations, in 128 nations working to advance a global binding norm on the elimination of violence against women and girls.

About Women for Human Rights

Women for Human Rights, single women group (WHR) is a nongovernmental organization in Nepal dedicated to address the rights of single women since 1995. WHR has a nation-wide network with membership base of over 100,000, empowering single women economically, socially and politically all over Nepal. WHR also has Consultative Status of United Nations ECOSOC since 2011 A.D.

About the Global Health Advocacy Incubator

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) supports civil society organizations advocating for public health policies that reduce death and disease. GHAI provides partners with direct, systematic, ongoing technical assistance and capacity-strengthening support to deliver health policy wins in countries around the world, in every type of government system.