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Drawing on decades of experience working with global civil society organizations across public health issues and political systems, the Global Health Advocacy Incubator provides strategic support to advocates working to enact and implement laws that save lives. Our history is rooted in one of the most successful public health campaigns — tobacco control. Building on the successes and lessons learned in the global fight against tobacco deaths, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids launched the Global Health Advocacy Incubator in 2014 to strengthen advocacy capacity to improve public health around the globe.

Our experience designing successful campaigns and passing policies to save lives gave us an innovative and proven model for advocacy – one that is locally led and adaptable to culture, political context and issue area. Our expert multidisciplinary team has a broad range of experience planning, executing and evaluating high-impact policy advocacy campaigns. We provide capacity building and technical assistance across all components of effective policy advocacy, including political mapping, legal analysis and strategic planning to media advocacy, coalition building and grassroots mobilization.

We’ve stood up against powerful industries and overwhelming political opposition. And despite the odds, we’ve won. Our values are drawn from this history, our commitment to public health and our unwavering belief in the power of policy change.

Our values:

  • We believe advocating for evidence-based policies is a means to achieve positive public health outcomes.
  • We consider health a fundamental human right, and we must take action to promote and protect it.
  • We believe policy change must be locally led and sustained. Our role is to enhance the ability of advocates to create the change they envision.
  • We respect the dignity, cultural context, capabilities and perspectives of the people in the countries where we work.
  • We will not work or associate with any entities that are in conflict with our goals and values.

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