World Day of Remembrance will be commemorated on Sunday, November 19, 2023. This global event is held to remember the millions of road traffic survivors, victims and the families impacted as a result of road crashes every year. On this day, the Road Safety Program’s partners across nine countries engage the public on the importance of advancing road safety policies through various planned activities. These include social media campaigns, in-person events, planned media coverage, coordinating podcasts and more.

World Day of Remembrance Planned Activities

Check out our partners’ planned activities to observe World Day of Remembrance this year. Stay tuned for updates on these and additional activities after WDoR.


Dhaka Ahsania Mission is planning a one-hour Facebook live vigil and will speak to individuals impacted by road crashes.


Fundacion CAVAT is leading a Catholic mass ceremony, and a non-Catholic ceremony to honor victims.


Red PaPaz will launch a digital petition on Child Restraint Systems. Grupo Sur is developing a kit that will allow individuals to personalize t-shirts with the photo of a family member lost due to a car crash. Those participating will be encouraged to post a social media message about WDoR. La Liga Contra La Violencia Vial will cover the Congress with white sheets.


Safe Way Right Way is developing survivor testimonial videos and preparing a social media campaign focused on helmet use.

World Day of Remembrance Social Media Toolkit

The Road Safety Program encourages civil society organizations to share WDoR content online by joining social conversations. Download WDoR images for Facebook, Twitter, or your preferred platform, and utilize sample social media posts provided below. You can also download a Spanish-language version of the WDoR toolkit.

WDoR Key Messages

Reference the messages below to complement your organization’s messaging online or through print materials.

  • Road traffic crashes kill and injure millions of people every year. They are the leading cause of death for people aged between 5-29 years old.
  • On World Day of Remembrance we call on policy makers around the world to strengthen laws that focus on child restraints, drink driving, helmets, seatbelts and speed legislation.
  • Road traffic crashes and injuries cause enormous costs to individuals, families and society. They leave behind shattered families and communities.
  • Strong political commitment is key to addressing the global road safety crisis. Governments have a duty to address this major public health and development issue as a matter of urgency.

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Social Media Graphics

Sample Social Media Messages

  • 🕊️ Let's unite for safer roads on #WDoR2023! Road traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for those aged 5-29. We urge policymakers worldwide to strengthen child restraints, combat drink driving, enforce helmet and seatbelt use, and focus on speed legislation. Together, we can prevent these tragedies.
  • Road traffic deaths are preventable! Many countries have reduced crashes and casualties through effective measures. Let's learn from each other and make our roads safer. On #WDoR2023, join the call for worldwide road safety improvements.
  • 💔 Road crashes shatter lives, families, and communities. This #WDoR2023, we remember those we've lost and honor the dedication of emergency crews, police, and medical professionals who face the consequences daily. Together, we can make our roads safer and protect the ones we love.
  • 🤝 On #WDoR2023, let's remember that support for victims and bereaved families is essential. Road safety goes beyond prevention; it's about helping those affected. Access to information, legal assistance, therapy, and caregiving is crucial. Let's work together to provide support for road crash survivors.

Road Safety Resources

GHAI Road Safety Webinar Series: Topics cover various advocacy phases from building awareness and education about core road safety risk factors, to maximizing policy impact after passing a law. Each webinar includes a distinct set of materials including social media graphics and posts, road safety data points, campaign videos, and worksheets.

Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018, World Health Organization: Data on the five road safety risk factors and more.

Global Road Safety Facility Speed Management Hub: Evidence-based road safety knowledge to help manage speed through infrastructure interventions, effective enforcement, targeted awareness measures, and vehicle technology.

Please let us know about your planned WDoR online and offline activities. Reach out to your designated GHAI communications lead, or reach the team at with any requests for additional support or resources.